Color Grading

Cinematography is only the first step of the image-making process. Color Grading further enhances your project with a distinctive visual style. Whether subtly improving the original cinematography, or taking your images to a whole new level, DIGILOID®’s services will dramatically elevate your project’s aesthetic.


Cinema, Broadcast, Foreign, DVD, Web? Not a problem! DIGILOID®’s scaleable pipeline is capable of mastering to all industry standard deliverables and specifications worldwide.

Compression / Encoding

Just because it’s compressed, doesn’t mean it should look compromised! DIGILOID®s compression and encoding services ensure maximum image fidelity and color accuracy, regardless of desired file size and platform.

Post Production Supervision

DIGILOID® is here to navigate the Post Production process with ease, implementing scaleable workflows to accommodate projects of all scopes and budgets. DIGILOID® delivers unrivaled value and bolsters the creative process every step of the way.

Editorial (offline / online)

DIGILOID® offers both creative editorial (“offline”) and finishing (“online”) services. We partner with experienced and award-winning editors, and our technicians ensure smooth integration between all toolsets in the editorial process.

Interactive Streaming Authoring

DIGILOID® leads the way in innovative streaming distribution and interactivity for broad accessibility of your content.