Workflow Design / Management / Consulting

Before you launch your next production, discuss your workflow with DIGILOID® and let us help you make the right choices to successfully meet your creative and budgetary requirements.

DIGILOID® offers expert on-site consulting on an hourly, daily, project, and retainer basis. DIGILOID® has empowered artists, technicians, and companies spanning all markets and levels of production.

Systems Integration

Technology and motion picture production go hand in hand. New workflows would not exist without rapidly-evolving toolsets. When purchasing and configuring your mission-critical systems, it’s imperative that each component fits properly into the overall pipeline.

At DIGILOID®, we pride ourselves in state-of-the-art knowledge and hands-on experience with the latest and greatest cinema tools on the market; and we know how to implement them in compatible, cost-effective solutions that make sense in the real world.

Whether you’re in need of new cameras, editing systems, storage, displays – you name it – DIGILOID® is your partner every step of the way!

DIGILOID® is strategically aligned with the very best hardware and software vendors in the industry, including:

* Adobe
* Apple
* Avid
* Blackmagic Design
* Canon
* Codex
* Convergent Design
* Dolby
* Filmtools
* Flanders Scientific
* Gamma & Density
* GoPro
* G-Technology
* HP
* Iridas
* Kodak
* LaCie
* Marshall
* Maxx Digital
* Media Distributors
* MLogic
* nVidia
* OPPO Digital
* Panasonic
* RED Digital Cinema
* Sonnet
* Sony
* Sound Devices
* Small HD
* Tangent Devices
* Technicolor
* TVLogic
* Vision Research