The Job is the Prep

DIGILOID® knows decisions made prior to shooting as well as on-set cascade through the entire workflow (and budget!). As the line between production and post increasingly blurs, DIGILOID® makes the most of your project’s resources every step of the way.

DIT [Digital Imaging Technician]

The DIT bridges the gap between production and post. Every new camera format is different, and it’s the DITs to maximize both quality and efficiency from each and every one of them. Regardless of your chosen camera, DIGILOID® DITs enable cinematographers to realize their vision without a learning curve, while ensuring post receives the correct assets they need.

DMT [Data Management Technician]

Never make the mistake of entrusting your priceless data to an amateur. The DMT is a highly trained specialist; expert in robust, best practices for file-based workflows – maximizing efficiency while ensuring data is safe, secure, and organized at all times.